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Music Management Software Version 4


Only DMM offers the
following EXCLUSIVE features!

EDIT Word cuesheets inside DMM
CREATE Word cuesheets in DMM
ZOOM in/out with ALL cuesheets

Suggested FREE Downloads:

Windows 11 Installation tips:

1. McAfee Personal Security (Trial Version) - Recommend removing it.

2. One Drive - Do not use if possible. Constantly backs up files and slows computer down. 

3. Office 65/Word: You can use those programs to read DOC and DOCX  cuesheets, OR...

4. Wordview: May be used with WIN 11. Click HERE for a FREE download of wordviewer.zzz. Rename it to wordviewr.exe once downloaded.

1. Installation & Operating Guide - ReadMeFirst.doc - 580 KB
(current as of 7-21-22)
This complete Installation & Operating Guide contains all the information you need to know about DigitalMusic MagicianTM.

Special Note for ALL installation:
There are up to 4 minor errors which will appear during installation.  When prompted, click IGNORE each time during the installation. Then it installs perfectly!

After installation, COPY this ReadMerFirst.doc file to:
C:\Digital Music Magician
to make it available under HELP on the DMM MAIN MENU,

2a. DigitalMusicMagician™ Version 4.1 - DMMSetup41.exe - 13.4 MB 
(current as of 7-21-22)  

OR...if you have problems with the EXE download:

2b. DigitalMusicMagician™ Version 4.1 - - 13.4 MB 
(current as of 7-21-22)

Special Note to Registered Users:
If your current version of is working well, there is NO NEED to upgrade to Version 4.1 at this time. This upgrade is for those of you who have lost your DigitalMusic MagicianTM to a hard-drive failure and had to reformat your hard drive or have purchased a new computer and have been unable to re-install DMM in that new computer. Updates of CALLERLAB Programs & Lists, as well as CUESHEETS are available for FREE download on this page. (see below)

If you download Version 4.1, you must also download the Installation & Operating Guide (see above) for full instructions on installing and using DMM. Print at least the first 5 pages before beginning installation.

We are now recommending that you now install DMM only in: C:\Digital Music Magician
This version of DMM now installs in this optimal location. It is the easiest and most consistent location for a NEW installation of Version 4.1.

If you have already purchased Version 4, installed it in c:\Program Files\Digital Music Magician and are satisfied...please DO NOT make any changes before talking with us.

This is the complete DigitalMusic Magician program to be used for installation on your computer. Place this file in your DOWNLOADS folder or on your DESKTOP and extract it by dragging the only file (DMMSetup41.doc) in the ZIP file to your desktop. Then follow instructions to rename it DMMSetup41.EXE and install it from your desktop.

3a. Microsoft Word Viewer
(current as of 7-21-22)
Needed ONLY for cuesheet editing if you do NOT have Microsoft WORD installed in your DMM computer. See ReadMeFirst.doc (see above) for clear installation instructions. Click above link for EXE file.  If anti-virus software blocks this EXE download, please click HERE to download a ZZZ file which you need to rename to an EXE file after saving it on your DESKTOP. (This REALLY works!)

3b. Microsoft Word 16
(current as of 7-21-22)

We have figured out how to make OFFICE 365 WORD 16 work in DMM!
Install WORD 16 in the normal manner. Then download office16.reg and save that file on your Desktop. Then double-click on that file and it will make a change in your REGISTRY file to enable WORD 16 to be recog
nized. Please use this ONLY for WORD other versions.


Optional FREE Downloads:
5. CALLERLAB Programs & Lists
          PDF files - 84 MB
             (current as of 8-6-22) 

WINDOWS XP.VISTA,7, 8, 8.1, 10 & 11:
COPY the individual files from the above ZIP file to: C:\Digital Music Magician\clab

Download ALL CUESHEET content as follows:
     WINDOWS XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11:

COPY the individual files from the ZIP files below in:
C:\Digital MusicMagician\cuesheets

6. CUESHEETS: DMM Squares by Title
         1,688 Cuesheets - 12 MB
CUESHEETS: DMM Squares by Label

         9,459 Cuesheets - 444 MB

CUESHEETS: DMM Rounds by Title
         4,017 Cuesheets - 385 MB
         11,000+ Cuesheets - 9.5 MB
         (Used with permission)      
         (current as of 10-14-22)

By following the above methodology, both the CALLERLAB programs and lists as well as all of the above CUESHEETS will be available to you from within DigitalMusic MagicianTM by clicking on either PROGRAM LISTS & DEFINITIONS or CUESHEETS on the MAIN MENU.

Digital Music Management Software - Windows 11 compatible!
Version 4.1 - Compatible with: Windows XP thru Windows 11®
, and MAC*. Also now works with Microsoft WORD 16!

Plays MP3, WAV, WMA, or MIDI formats!

DigitalMusic MagicianTM-- Digital Music Library Management Software for Square Dance Callers & Round Dance Cuers. Enables you to organize and play your digital (MP3, WAV, WMA, MIDI) format music with an easy-to-use Player screen that has buttons which are easily read while actively calling! Multiple Keyboard Shortcuts lso available for "mouse-free" operation.

Use it to organize and play music YOU have created or for music purchased from or a square dance music producer directly.

MAC Compatibility:
A virtual machine is one of the best ways to run DigitalMusicMagician™ on your Mac. They allow you to install Windows and other operating systems in a window on your Mac desktop. Windows will think it’s running on a real computer, but it’s actually running inside a piece of software on your Mac. You’ll need a Windows license to install Windows in a virtual machine. If you already have a product key, you can download Windows installation media for free and install it in a virtual machine program.

Popular virtual machine programs for Mac include Parallels and VMware Fusion. Each of these is a paid program, so you’ll have to buy both a Windows license and a copy of your virtual machine program of choice.

Personalized Screen Layout - Set it up "your way"! Each caller likes to lay out the screen in his/her own way, so we designed this program to enable YOU to lay out the screen to your liking. The program automatically "remembers" ALL settings and will default to those settings the next time you open the program or a specific song!

No unnecessary features to distract you from your primary task! Cuesheets may be loaded into the program and will appear in a separate screen. You may also create your own cuesheets (DOC, DOCX, RTF, PDF, TXT XLS (not XLSX) & HTML formats are acceptable) for MP3s which you have created or acquired from another source.

Built-In Custom Music Player
Tempo (±25%) & Pitch Shifter Controls (±12%) Each Song Individually 
Drag 'N Drop MP3 & Cuesheet File Import   
20,000+ Cuesheet Library Available (see links for FREE download in the right-hand column)
     (MS Word or Word Viewer and Acrobat Reader are required to read DOC & PDF format files)

Reference Library of over 70,000 pre-2014 music titles included   
Cuesheet Reader - See the cuesheet right on screen!
- Fully-adjustable Loop Start & Loop End
Playlists - Prepare Unlimited Multiple Dance Programs in Advance!
Elapsed Time Clock - Increments also during LOOPING
Break Timer - Time your breaks to any length.
BPM Beat Per Minute Counter - Automatically shows you your BPM
10-band Equalizer - Fully adjustable individually by Song!

Personalized Screen Layout - Set it up "your way"!
Print Function - Print Playlists, Cuesheets and Library
CALLERLAB Lists & Definitions - All at your fingertips during the dance

Note: Music MP3 Files are NOT included in the Library described below. DigitalMusic MagicianTM gives you access to a cuesheet library of more than 20,000 square and round dance cuesheets which are available as online downloads (see download instructions in the right-hand column).

Software includes a pre-loaded Data Lookup Reference Library of over 70,000 pre-2014 titles. No need to type most older  TITLE, ARTIST, LEVEL, LABEL Number information (excludes the MP3 music file). Just point and click.

PRODUCT REGISTRATION: Once you download DigitalMusic MagicianTM and install it, there are instructions in the the Installation & Operating Guide (ReadMeFirst.doc) to request an ACTIVATION KEY, which will be sent to you by email after payment is made.

Please send an email to Send mail with subject or call Mike Goff at 850-730-9201 if you have any questions about DigitalMusic MagicianTM

Here's what users said about our release of DMM Version 4...

"DMM is the best thing going for callers! This is great news Bill. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to resurrect your great program which is by far the best. My old version is still clicking along, but now I have peace of mind knowing that if I goes down, I'm not dead in the water!  Have a great day, you've made mine better. Thanks for taking the time and effort to produce this new version of the world's best square dance software DMM and for helping me through the order/download process this morning. I can sleep well knowing that I have a reliable backup in case of computer malfunction. All the best." -- Dave Currie, Ottowa, Canada
"I think I’m on my fourth laptop with the program. I’m always showing off how nice and neat it works. I’ve talked to other callers about what they use, but I don’t see anything anyone else has that is as good.  It has been working great for me, since putting it on my new laptop. I appreciate the help you gave me when downloading it." -- Tom Dakers, Calgary Alberta, Canada
"Thanks for the help and a great program.  I'm glad you went the extra 'mile' for us." -- Ron & Anne Roy, Massena, NY
"I am so happy to have the, updated Version 4.0 for Windows 10, DMM working and on my computers. It is so much easier to set up playlists and load new songs including the caller’s or voice side, into the same song in the library. Many other functions are set up a lot better than other callers software. Thanks so much for your awesome work in our behalf." -- Ray Rhea - Syracuse, UT

"Purchased DMM yesterday. Thank you too for having very clear directions for installation. My old version is working fine, have a new computer though. Very happy to have your program again!” – Cherie Cox, Coos Bay, OR

"Thank you for bring back DMM. It’s the best music program. I bought a new computer with Windows 10, but could not get Version 3.9 to install. I just downloaded the (Version 4.0) install file and installed it on my new computer. Great – installed with no problem – copied my MP3 file from my old laptop. Put it on the new one – WOW...the mp3 files all came up in the program."-- Ray Taylor, Bainbridge, New York

"Yeeeeeees!" -- Masao (Max) Ringe

"Up & running!!!!  I am one happy camper." - Sheila Terhune, Mooresville, Indiana

“When I got this email you have no idea the relief I felt knowing that DMM was still alive and well!  THANK YOU for getting this done.  Having been a DMM user since 2007,  I had just bought a new laptop and realized that I wouldn’t be able to activate DMM on it. However, my old laptop started to give me trouble...and then your email arrived!  Yay!!  Relief!! Granted, it’s going to cost me another $99, but in my honest opinion, it’s worth every penny because I don’t have to learn something new, even if the new stuff is free.  Having used DMM for 10 years & find it does everything I need, I’m so glad that it’s back!”  -- Geoff Clarke (a long time DMM user!), Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada

Support: 850-730-9201